For Me, Telecommuting Is ‘Home Exercising’

Congratulations on being selected as an excellent example at the ‘We work from home’ JANDI event. May I ask for a brief self-introduction?

Hi. I’m Elin from the x_x (x-bar-x) platform team. We provide two services. The one is Oh My Beer, a company that offers the taste-based beer recommendation app. The other is a food delivery platform: ‘Order Plus‘. I am managing food product data management in the Order Plus platform team. x_x has been working from home once or twice a week since 2015, so it can be called a work-from-home veteran 🙂


You said that you had already worked from home before COVID-19. Why does the company recommend telecommuting?

We conducted telecommuting once a week to ensure that employees were not interrupted by the intensive work hours. There are times and tasks that require concentration, but in the office, colleagues suddenly talk to each other and have tea time together. After COVID-19, we decide to conduct telecommuting every other day. (Based on interview date)


Can you tell me about your telecommuting routine?

Due to the flexible work system, commuting times vary from member to member. So when you work from home, you enter the ‘Daily Work Report Topic ‘ and share your work hours. After that, we share and proceed with the work we completed yesterday and perform today’s work on the team topic. When you go to the office, you only need to share a simple to-do list, but when you work from home, you can put a detailed description of what to do to reduce misunderstandings in communication.

Do you have your own time management and what do you suggest to not get tired of working from home?

One hour of rest is essential for telecommuting. I split this one hour into 30 minutes to eat lunch and another 30 minutes to do stretching. Resting regularly will help your lower back and allow you to refresh yourself. So you can keep your health in good condition!


These are musts for when you work from home!

  • Executive Trust and Performance: Executives believe in employees, and employees need professionalism to take care of their performance. You need to take advantage of the work environment, such as shorter commute time, comfortable space, and free schedule management through telecommuting, to improve work performance.
  • Quick messenger reply: The biggest disadvantage of telecommuting is that you can’t communicate face-to-face. We use business messengers because we can’t ask our colleagues for comments or keep track of our progress. It is important to respond quickly and clearly, taking into account the message recipient’s position.
  • Consider working hours of colleagues: When you work from home, you do not know what kind of work your colleagues are currently working on, so you should check your schedule through a calendar, etc., and then request work as much as possible.


What features of JANDI helped you work from home?

Mention, voting, and to-do functions are our most used in telecommuting. Doing all the communication with your colleagues on a messenger will cause dozens of messages to accumulate that do not get read. In this case, I go into the notification center, read the message that mentions me first, and then read other messages.


The voting function is used to investigate various in-house demands. We use the voting function to gather opinions when investigating various demands such as ‘Schedule Survey’, ‘Determine Workshop Place.’ In particular, when we set a schedule, we use the voting function to collect opinions, and it is also useful to refer to past voting results.


The most used function is the to-do function. You can add tasks requested by colleagues as tasks on the JANDI and also register notifications and deadlines to handle tasks without missing them.


What is telecommuting for me?

For Me, Telecommuting Is ‘Home Exercising!

Nobody sees anyone, but after work, I feel like I’ve been working hard, and I think it’s time to measure my own limits more than usual.


I would like to say a word to those who have not yet experienced working from home.

The reason why telecommuting was established as the main culture of our company was that all employees confirmed that employee satisfaction was high when maintaining work performance through telecommuting. Why don’t your company do a ‘telecommuting satisfaction survey’? You can check the growth of work performance and employee satisfaction before and after telecommuting. I hope everyone can achieve satisfactory work performance even in a telecommuting environment by using a collaborative tool such as JANDI. 

Lastly, many small businessmen and companies are struggling with COVID-19, but I hope that the day will come when we can greet the warm spring as soon as possible with a little more effort. 

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