Say Hello to JANDI Connect: Unlimited Integration For Better Productivity

Say Hello to JANDI Connect:

Unlimited Integration For Better Productivity


Understanding the need to use many work apps altogether, JANDI allows users to integrate with Google Calendar, GitHub, JIRA, Trello, and other external services via JANDI Connect.

JANDI Connect Integration Apps

With the introduction of JANDI Connect, JANDI can:

– Provide integration with a variety of business tools such as Google Calendar, Trello, GitHub, JIRA, etc.

– Open up possibilities in establishing an Enterprise integration platform with JANDI as the central figure.

– Also, provide additional services through Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks.

JANDI is a business collaboration tool that successfully integrates with external services through open API. Thanks to this, JANDI has advanced its position as an enterprise communication platform.

Apart from the existing integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, JANDI provides integration with other vertical services, which opens up possibilities in establishing an enterprise integration platform with JANDI as the central figure.

JANDI Connect AppsThe best thing about JANDI Connect is that the integration is effortless. Users will need to select the service they want to integrate from the JANDI Connect menu and set up the notification following the instructions. By doing this, users will receive the latest notifications through JANDI in response to the latest updates in the integrated service.


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Additionally, JANDI users can integrate JANDI with other services. When implementing JANDI Connect Webhooks, users can connect JANDI with external services through URL. For instance, users can customize these integrations to receive article clippings, email notifications ?, stock prices ?, or even weather forecasts ⛈️.

Currently, over 200,000 companies and organizations across Asia and globally ? are happy with their outcome when using JANDI.

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