JANDI Updates: Mobile Font Size Settings / Video Conference / File Upload on Drive / JANDI Connect (Webhook) Comment Feature

JANDI Updates for July 2020


Hi there! We are happy to tell you that we have made some new features on JANDI.
This time, we have some updates on our mobile features and JANDI Connect.
Let’s take a look.

1. Select Font Size on Mobile

Android users are now able to change the font size on their mobile devices. If you’ve been having a hard time reading the tiny fonts on your phone, feel free to change the settings to your preference.

  • Select the menu [≡] icon on the upper left corner of your mobile JANDI and to [Display Settings]. Select whichever font size you prefer!


2. Begin a Mobile Video Conference

You can now easily begin a video conference on any device, including PC and mobile.

  • On your mobile JANDI, select the (+) icon and choose Video Call. In both mobile and PC, up to 300 participants can join the video conference. The view lets you see up to 64 thumbnail displays of participants at once.


3. JANDI Connect(Webhook) Comments

Instead of leaving comments just on posts or messages, now you can also leave comments on JANDI Connect Webhook messages.

  • Hover your cursor over a JANDI Connect Webhook message, and select the comment icon.


4. Upload files to your JANDI Drive Using Mobile

Although JANDI Drive is a pretty impressive feature, up until now, you were only able to see previews on your mobile devices. Well, now we have made some updates for better usability! Feel free to upload, download, and create download folders in your JANDI Drive using your mobile device!

  • Go to [Drive], and select the (+) icon on the upper right corner. Here you can choose menus such as New Folder, Image, Video, Camera, and File to upload them on your JANDI Drive anytime!


JANDI will continue to develop new features for our fellow users! 🙂 If you have any feature requests or inquires, please go to the menu and select [Live Support], or contact us as support@tosslab.com



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