What Is The Difference Between Telegram And JANDI ?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app gaining popularity at the workplace. When used for work communication, some of the following challenges come to light: 

1 – Searching for documents is difficult and time-consuming.

2 – The contact list is created based on phone numbers and requires contact permissions on mobile devices.

3 – In some countries, Telegram is banned or temporarily blocked. So if you have a global team, you’ll need to find an alternative.

4 – Normal chats are not end-to-end encrypted, only the secret chats are, which may lead to the risk of leaking company information.

Whereas, JANDI provides a solution for workplace collaboration, with over 200,000 teams using this tool to stay connected and work better together. On JANDI, teams can create topic-based group chats, share files securely, search using filters, manage their tasks with a simple to-do list, or enjoy having unlimited video conferencing unlike any other.

Let’s see how JANDI stacks up against Telegram for work purpose:

Smart Search Filters

Use filters to find messages and files quickly. Data history is also available to newbies.

JANDI Smart Search Filters

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