[JANDI UPDATE] Attach File & Like & Star for Comments / UI Improvements

Hi there! We are JANDI CX (Customer Experience) Team.

We have made updates on the comment feature for better usability!

  • Attach a file
  • Like
  • Star
  • UI Improvements

Below are some tips on how to use the new features 🤗


Attach a file as comment

Now you can attach a file in the comment to the message. 



  • To use: Select the 🧷 icon in the message input box > Choose one of the following: My Computer, Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox > Select the file you wish to attach > Upload



  • To use: Tab message > Choose Leave a comment > Select the [+] icon on the message input box > Choose one of the following: Photo, Video, File, Drive > Select the file you wish to attach > Upload 



Like Comments

Now you can like or unlike a comment. Even if you accidentally liked a comment, you can simply click the like to cancel it😊






  • To use: Long-tap a comment > Select Like
    To unlike, long tap a comment that you liked > Unlike



 Star Comments

With our new update, you can star comments as well. Manage important comments by saving them on the Stars tab😉



  • To use: Select the ⭐icon located on the upper right side of the comment > Go to the ⭐ tab located on the lower right side of the JANDI app > View comments that you star marked




  • To use: Long-tap a comment > Star


  • You can view all the comments that you star marked at the […] tab at the bottom of the app > Stars



UI Improvements

We made UI improvements so that JANDI users can view the original post and comments separately. 


  • The original post will appear as a message chat bubble to highlight the connection with the comment.
  • The comments you posted will appear darker, so you can differentiate your comment from the original post.



JANDI will continue to update new features for our users. If you have a feature request, please contact us at [Live Support] in the JANDI menu !


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