[NGO] How Medipeace communicates fast with staff overseas?


JANDI, Change Work : Medipeace

“Using JANDI, it feels like a staff overseas
is working right beside me.”


l Please introduce Medipeace?

Medipeace is an NGO specializing in international health. International health refers to international cooperation for the health rights of the entire human race. Medipeace provides support for neighbors who are unable to access basic health care services, especially due to lack of infrastructure or system, poverty, and conflict. We have overseas branches in Vietnam and Tanzania, and we are conducting humanitarian aid projects in many foreign countries, including Senegal, Bolivia, Nepal, the Philippines, etc.

In order to have expertise in health care to build infrastructure that leads to fundamental changes and to have sufficient rehabilitation services within the region, we also establish a professional therapist training degree in partnership with the local health university to ensure that the service is sustainable and run well. The ultimate goal of Medipeace is contributing to creating a world where everyone can enjoy the right to be equally healthy without discrimination.



l What tools did you use before JANDI?

We used personal messengers, but there were many problems.

  • Slow speed and performance: Since we used a personal messenger service mainly used in Korea, the server was in Korea, which leads to a severe problem of slow speed and performance.
  • Business confusion: There was a lot of confusion because many people were talking about many different topics in one chat room. The conversation theme was not divided. 
  • No separation between business and privacy: Because it was a personal account using personal messengers, it was difficult to distinguish between business and personal privacy.
  • Difficult user environment: The UI of Korean personal messengers was not suitable for employees overseas.
  • Difficulty in understanding history: The conversation could not be saved, so it was difficult to find the previous history. Data could not be preserved due to expiration.



l Reason for using JANDI?

The speed issue of personal messengers was huge. Sometimes, it was even hard to just send messages and communicate because we couldn’t gain connection at all. For this reason, we needed a collaborative tool that overseas employees could use fast. Staff in our company recommended the use of JANDI, and we started to use JANDI because of its high speed overseas.



l Benefits of JANDI?

  • Increased work speed: The biggest advantage of JANDI is that it has the same speed abroad. The internet speed of countries with our overseas branches is very slow. But even in this situation, speed was not a problem for JANDI at all. It used to take us a long time just to check the files sent from Korea, but now all of these hassles are gone. It’s as if we have forgotten that we were at worksites far away from headquarters.
  • Improved business productivity: Topics created by projects reduce business confusion and increases processing speed.
  • The separation between business and privacy: After using JANDI, company-wide rules were imposed to ensure that no other messengers were used for business at all. We think that the official separation of business and personal time/chat rooms has helped in employee welfare.
  • Reduced mail usage: We think that tasks that can be handled by e-mail and tasks that need instant reply are clearly divided. JANDI has reduced unnecessary mail greetings and eliminated the burden of sending e-mails.


l Best JANDI feature you like? 

1. Easy to check members’ schedules: Many employees are away from work due to short-term assignments or overseas business trips. The integration between JANDI Connect and Google Calendar has reduced the inconvenience of scheduling each and every one of them.

Google Calendar integration makes it easy to identify each employee’s schedule and how each branch is being operated.


2. Organization Chart: We have been able to quickly search who is on which team and who is on duty using the Org Chart. 


3. Easy and quick Handover: All previous conversations remain preserved and the indefinite storage period of files eliminates the need to teach every new member of the team. It is convenient since we can know the whole history of a task.


4. Ease of managing file versions: JANDI allows us to leave comments on each file, making it easier to manage versions of shared files.

5. Online Status Check: We can make sure employees are at work or not with JANDI online status. Since we work frequently outside the office, it is useful to estimate response time with the green dot on a member’s profile. The online status dot can tell if they’re connected to JANDI or not.


6. External File Sharing: External sharing of files shared on JANDI is very easy. All we have to do is send a link to share.


7. Preservation of photo information: Valid information, such as location information stored in photos, disappears when shared in other messengers. However, JANDI keeps them, making it easier to organize and understand field data.



l Would you say something to JANDI?

Thank you very much for providing this reliable and good software at a reasonable price for our non-profit organization. We are using it very well! The biggest advantage of JANDI is that it can be used in countries where the internet speed is as slow as MODEMs.



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