Getting Started JANDI : User Guide

Welcome to JANDI

JANDI is a team communication and collaboration platform helping teams make the most of their work. On JANDI, teams can:    

  • Stay connected with messaging and topic-based group chats, 
  • Upload, share and comment on files for easy collaboration, 
  • Quickly convert messages into to-do tasks and assign to teammates,
  • Launch a poll for members to vote or start a video conference, 
  • Connect with other work apps like Trello and G Suite, and much more! 


Team Admins!

Watch this Getting Started for Admins video to learn the essentials of how to create a new team, set up topics or group-chats, and invite your team members to join.



Team Members!

Watch this Getting Started for Members video to learn the essentials of how to download the app, create an account, join your team, and start chatting! 


We’re all about creating happy teams at work! 

Want to learn more? These user guides will take you through the key features such as managing topics or chat rooms, tips, and tricks of chatting, sharing and searching for files, and integrating with other work apps.




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