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Hello. My name is Ann and I am the community group director at Sparkplus. Sparkplus provides customized shared office spaces for up to 600 people, as well as various services for an efficient and convenient work environment. 

The ‘Community Group’ is in charge of running different programs for community activities including space sales, operation and planning, content creation, and startup acceleration. Due to the nature of the Community Group, we are actively using JANDI for quick and efficient communication with the 14 branches across Seoul, and all current crews are using JANDI to conduct business.  


How we remotely collaborate with branches

There are a total of 14 branches (additional branches waiting to launch), and the crew at each branch operates based on the same guidelines. In the public topics organized based on each branch, the crew shares numerous information regarding operation and services and actively communicates. 


We are able to receive notifications in real-time through JANDI when there is a tour request for event halls, and the branch in charge confirms the schedule of the tour. In case of any changes, the crew of each branch is able to respond without any delay. 


The crew at each branch shares the details of the event hall rentals on a Google spreadsheet, so we are able to manage the rental status systematically. 


Through JANDI, we are able to see the order status and the entire process of Sparkplus Morning (complimentary breakfast service for all members at Sparkplus) for all branches. 


Speedy task execution for each branch

JANDI topic enables instant sharing and collection of important documents for administrative operations, which is usually difficult due to the physical distance among each branch. 


Our community team’s utmost priority in terms of working on announcement material production is the constancy in design and quick communication. So our designers share design templates for community operations across all branches. The crew members in each branch come up with the content and confer with other designers to make sure that the entire design is adequately done following the design guide through JANDI. This way, we can make sure that our materials do not lack unity and are done without any delay. 


All the community events that are held in different branches can be shared in JANDI topics, so all the branches can be notified. JANDI also helps us to share the vibes in all the events and share feedback, so the communication level overall is boosted.


JANDI helps us share branch culture

The corporate culture for Sparkplus is heavily influenced by each crew in different branches. We have a topic called ‘Blabber Party’ where all the crew can chat and joke freely. Even though the crews are physically apart from each other, now we have a culture that we can celebrate things like work anniversary and feel like we are one big group. 


JANDI can also create cyberspace for each crew member to be creative and communicate freely. For example, crew members begin fun events like secret Santa or sharing gifts.  



We recommend JANDI

For those who want to run numerous branches under the same guideline,
JANDI is your solution.

Scattered branches will face difficulties in terms of communication when they only use email, and will end up wasting precious resources like time and manpower. JANDI enables us to cross-check our tour reservations and event hall rentals by reminding us through automatic notifications, which eventually leads to faster decision making. For Sparkplus to continuously provide services to our members in the shared office and help them succeed, JANDI is a necessary and thankful platform.


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