What Is the Difference Between WhatsApp And JANDI ?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for personal communication. When teams use it to communicate for work, they face some challenges:

  1. Personal messages are mixed with work messages
  2. Searching for files and documents is difficult
  3. Using up storage on a personal device
  4. Distraction from friends and family
  5. The security risk for sensitive company data

JANDI provides a solution for workplace collaboration, with over 200,000 teams using our service to stay connected and work better together. On JANDI, teams can create topic-based group chats, share files securely and search using filters, launch a poll or start a video conferencing, and manage the task with a simple to-do list.

Let’s see how JANDI differs from Whatsapp.


<View Full WhatsApp vs JANDI Comparison PDF>


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