JANDI helps Mawarid Trading Emirates achieve a highly-connected Sales and Operations Team

“Being able to access each other on one platform
has allowed us to be more productive”

Fareed Morcos, MTE Country Manager


Mawarid Trading Emirates (MTE) brings global brands in skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With Dubai emerging as the beauty capital of the Middle East, MTE is transforming traditional distribution methods into a highly-connected operation. 


Seamless communication across all departments

Managing inventory to maintain healthy stock levels ensures that orders are fulfilled, and that the retailers and their staff have sufficient supply to sell. This is a coordinated team effort involving multiple departments. MTE needed a tool that could streamline communication between 60 employees and across sales, operations, finance, administration, warehouse, and merchandising staff. 

“JANDI could help us be more organized and save us time” 

Fareed Morcos, MTE Country Manager


JANDI provides the company with a single platform to share and communicate in a structured environment as it relates to work. They set up Topic-based group chats by the department, as well as for each of the brands. Team discussions happen in the designated Topic and only with the concerned individuals. 

Company Organization Chart


Topics (Group Chats)

“Previously, the team relied on emails to communicate which was slow and frustrating. It either took too long to get a response, or conversations were happening over email which just added more delays. After implementing JANDI internal emails have dropped drastically, and we’re able to focus all of our efforts on the business.” Fareed says.


“I would definitely recommend JANDI to all companies, especially those wasting precious hours on internal emails”

Fareed Morcos, MTE Country Manager


While the company started with just a handful of users, “We now have sales promoters in 44 retail outlets using JANDI” he says. It was especially important to have them on-board because they are at the point of purchase; when the consumer, the money, and the product come together. Sales Promoters see first-hand how the market is responding – whether it’s to a new product launch or a store promotion. 

Enabling promoters to communicate directly with each other, and with the team back at the office, allows for faster response times. Prior to JANDI, they were using Whatsapp to send messages. Using a personal messaging app that’s not intended for work had some issues:  

  • It was difficult to separate professional and personal messages
  • Being available online to friends and family was a distraction at work
  • Files were unorganized and took up unnecessary space on our phones 
  • Sharing sensitive work-related data on Whatsapp was a security risk  


< See WhatsApp vs. JANDI >


Efficient workflows that increase productivity

Information sharing and reporting in real-time is extremely valuable. For instance, the Sales Supervisor conducts market visits to each of the retail outlets where products are sold. She checks that the display units are in order; visuals and branding are correct and products are fully stocked. She takes photos and shares them in the JANDI Topic so that the Brand Managers have visibility of the current status, and the Sales Promoters can address issues immediately. 

Prior to using JANDI, Sales Promoters were reporting their daily sales by taking pictures of the store receipts and sending them on the Whatsapp group chat. The Brand Managers had to go through photos from over 60 promoters across 44 outlets and manually input sales data into a spreadsheet. This archaic process was very time consuming and prone to human error. 


Promoters now use a simple Google Form to select their retail outlet and input the total sales for that day. Once the form is submitted, a new record is automatically generated in the JANDI Sales Topic. This easy two-step integration uses Zapier to connect to Google Forms and automate the reporting process. 


Another cool integration the company set up is a live RSS news feed. Part of the business is to stay up-to-date on industry trends and innovative products as they come to the market. MTE is constantly reviewing and evaluating new brands to bring to their portfolio. With JANDI Connect, it was easy to create an RSS news feed using Google keywords related to this industry; like beauty, makeup, brushes, perfumes, etc. 

Business continuity during disruptive times

Companies that leverage workplace technology to support team collaboration, gain a competitive advantage, and are less impacted by operational disruptions. When coronavirus spread to the Middle East, the UAE government issued a stay-home order that went into effect overnight. With JANDI up and running, employees at MTE were able to stay connected and continue to manage business operations remotely. 

“Our team is appreciative of this platform,
not only because of its usability but also
because it came at the right time”

Hamza Riza, MTE Brand Manager 


The nationwide lockdown resulted in the cancellation of all events and gatherings. The Training Manager at MTE came up with a creative idea to deliver her Master Class remotely using JANDI. The ability to set up a Topic for the class and invite attendees outside the organization to join as guests enable her to do an online training session. 

JANDI keeps everyone connected and makes team communication a lot easier. MTE has been in the distribution business for years and now, and with a little help from JANDI, day-to-day sales and operations processes have been streamlined. 

Covid-19 Support Program: If your business requires remote work due to coronavirus, you can apply for free JANDI Enterprise Service here.


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