How did the online lecture satisfaction increase at Sejong Cyber University?


ㅣThis is Sejong Cyber University, a space for challenges and learning

Hello, I’m Professor Hyo Yeon Lee, and I teach on Social Welfare at Sejong Cyber University. I am currently conducting lectures on senior welfare theory, social welfare research theory, and family welfare theory. In addition, as the Director of the Academic Affairs and Research Department, I am in charge of setting the curriculum to reach the educational goals for each major and providing students with satisfactory lectures to acquire educational competency through online education.

Sejong Cyber ​​University is a space for challenge and learning which provides accessible opportunities for the modern people who want to prepare for a new life and future in this ever-changing era. Currently, about 9,000 students are studying at this university, and the number of enrollment is increasing by 1000 annually for three consecutive years. 

Currently, Sejong Cyber University is using JANDI as a platform for real-time communication for both students and professors. By integrating their LMS(Learning Management System), an online lecture system for the university, into JANDI topics, students are able to access Live Lectures (supplementary classes) easily. 


JANDI is a communication channel for both students and professors

The leader’s mind to communicate with students in real-time
played the biggest role in adopting JANDI.

As Shin Gu was inaugurated as Chancellor in 2017, he has been starting to emphasize efficient real-time communication between students and professors. Back in the days, responses to students’ queries were commonly returned within 24 hours, and to resolve the delay, we looked at many alternatives to find real-time communication methods. Finally, JANDI was introduced to us as a real-time communication channel of our university because it is a collaboration tool that enables integration with an online classroom (LMS) and can work as a platform for real-time conversations and video calls.

Through JANDI, professors and students are not only able to have a conversation or communicate in real-time, but the university is also able to provide an extra supplementary Live Lecture for each LMS course(online lecture) on a weekly basis. 


ㅣSejong Cyber University’s Live Lectures

Once the university releases the time table for the Live Lecture times for LMS(online lecture), students enter the Live Lecture topic on JANDI. There is a topic for each course, in which professors are able to conduct lectures and students are able to communicate in the topic. For the students who were absent for personal matters, all the messages and data that were shared in the topic remain, and they can access the information whenever, wherever, using any device. 


Refer to the following photo to see how the class was conducted in the Live Lecture topic with 284 students online. The professors are leading the chat-based conversations, at the same time increasing student participation by using new services like the Quiz Battle.


When chat messages are unable to convey the content of the lectures, professors are able to record voice messages and share them on the topic. Everything that is shared on the topic remains there, so any student that was not able to join the Live Lecture is able to review the lecture contents. 


We are able to realize the amount of conversation and participation by the number of times a student entered the Live Lecture. Therefore, students are naturally encouraged to participate in supplementary lectures. In addition, we confirmed that the students who participated in the Live Lecture were significantly satisfied with the lectures than those who did not attend. This shows that the quality and the quantity of student satisfaction has been increased due to the Live Lectures. 



ㅣGetting completely accustomed to JANDI

It has been six semesters since we started to hold Live Lectures via JANDI. Professors are building up their own skills in conducting Live Lectures, and students are getting familiar with these ways, so there is more communication through JANDI than before. 

However, for the Live Lecture to really settle in, we had to go through a lot of trial and error. Professors had experienced inconvenience due to an unfamiliar digital platform and the pressure to prepare for another lecture other than their regular ones. Students often felt relatively alienated when they were unable to participate in the Live Lecture due to their work and personal matters. 

But the situation improved quickly as time passed by. As professors got familiar with the online Live Lectures, they received positive evaluation through students, and they started building up their own skills in conducting Live Lectures. For each lecture professors and students found creative and positive ways during Live Lectures held in JANDI. For instance, in terms of art, musical, or physical education classes, students were able to upload videos on the JANDI topic, and got quick responses and feedback. 

Sejong Cyber University now has a casebook for all the exemplary cases on conducting Live Lectures on JANDI. We have a new culture where the casebook is shared in the orientation, so the best use cases can be shared so that every aspect regarding Live Lecture has a possibility to improve. We also have a reward system for professors who actively utilize Live Lectures for the promotion of Live Lectures. 


ㅣ JANDI is a perfect communication platform fit for LMS

For Sejong Cyber University, JANDI is an amazing supporter that connects students and professors. LMS is equivalent to Sejong Cyber University’s main building. All students attend lectures and learn in LMS. Once a building is complete in construction, it is difficult to make big changes. The LMS system is very similar to this metaphor, in terms of difficulty in making changes on smaller projects. Nowadays, the trend is rapidly changing. It is necessary to immediately respond to diversified and advanced demands and satisfy students’ real-time communication needs. JANDI was a big success that actually satisfied everyone. I am looking forward to integrating one on one video chat like Zoom on JANDI. 


ㅣ What does JANDI mean to Sejong Cyber University?

JANDI provides a space where professors and students can meet comfortably. 

Personal messenger or SMS text is an unofficial and often personal channel to communicate for both students and professors. On the other hand, JANDI directs both students and professors to a clear ‘academic’ objective, therefore the conversation held within JANDI is meaningful and productive. In JANDI, everyone is devoted to the nature of ‘education’ and converses in-depth for each and every course. We are confident that our staff, professors, and students will continue to communicate with satisfaction on JANDI.



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