How Hanmandoo replaced its offline meetings online


Hanmandoo, the provider of safe and healthy food 

Hello. My name is Kyunghyun Kang, who is in charge of the internal branding and business strategy of Hanmandoo Foods Co., Ltd., an agricultural business corporation. 

Hanmandoo Foods started to manufacture handmade boiled dumplings in 1999 and is currently developing and producing over 130 types of dumplings. We provide various delicious food for customers through numerous domestic/overseas distribution channels, franchises, and e-commerce.

Here at Hanmandoo, our mission is “pursuing employees’ happiness and providing delicious and healthy food to customers.” We firmly believe that keeping our employees happy is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction.  


We adopted JANDI for communication between HQ and the business center

What motivated us to introduce JANDI to our business was smoother communication between the manufacturer located in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, and the “business center” located in Seoul. Currently, departments in charge of product development, production, and logistics are located in the Yangju headquarters, while online sales, marketing, and content production departments are located in the Seoul office. We felt that effective communication was crucial to overcoming the physical distance between the Yangju headquarters and the Seoul center.

We compared JANDI with other collaboration tools, went through internal evaluation, and proceeded directly to the introduction.


For those in charge of other companies trying to use JANDI, the contents of the approval request are as follows.

  • What? Messenger for HBC (Hanmandoo) employees to communicate efficiently
  • Why? Frequent fieldwork, a need for a messenger that specializes in online meetings
  • How? Subscribe to JANDI
  • Expected Effects
    • To secure unlimited data storage (and easily share and view data)
    • To share tasks across all departments (Line doesn’t allow you to view its contents if you are not participating in the chat room)
    • To overcome space and time limitations by using video conferencing


To introduce JANDI to our corporation, I focused on the three following aspects. 

  • First, the data uploaded to JANDI does not expire. (Data loss prevention)

At the time, our team focused on the file storage space and considered subscribing to the Enterprise Plan, which is the most expensive plan, but what appealed to me the most was that you could simply drag and drop to upload multiple data on the cloud system. 

  • Secondly, it was cost-effective, and it was available at a reasonable price.
  • Lastly, I screen captured our team’s topic list and how the topics are organized in different folders so that the CEO could visualize how our team could use JANDI. 

<Topics organized by folders>


We replace offline meetings with online meetings

Due to the COVID19, there have been some changes in the way we work at Hanmandoo. Before the pandemic, members from Seoul center and Yangju HQ gathered together for a weekly offline meeting. However, the COVID19 numbers were rising in Seoul. We didn’t want to bring the virus to Yangju, which was still unaffected by the virus. So we replaced all of our offline meetings with online meetings. 

For video conferences, we integrate Zoom to JANDI because it provides stable services. 

<How to enter Zoom from JANDI – sharing Zoom link to a JANDI topic>


All employees in their 40s and older are also working on the job, so there was no great difficulty using JANDI and conducting video conferences. Of course, it is essential to provide assistance, such as necessary program installation and simple settings.


Share and view files in JANDI

Before using JANDI, we used KakaoTalk and LINE to communicate with our employees. In KakaoTalk or LINE, when someone uploads a file, the file download period expires, causing problems in management. So we started using NAS to save and store files, but since NAS is not connected to the messengers we were using, it was very inconvenient. 

Now JANDI is our corporate hard drive. At Hanmandoo, our team does a lot of video projects. All the videos, images, and text documents are uploaded in JANDI, where we also communicate. We usually upload the file and @mentions the person in charge. 

<How we share files in the weekly and monthly feedback meeting materials Topic>



Communication has become faster

Before introducing JANDI, we would use KakaoTalk to share our project’s details and then meet offline for discussion. Now that we are using JANDI, we can use one platform to upload files and hold conversations in the comment section. We can communicate faster and more conveniently. 

It’s been over a year since we started using JANDI in our workplace. Back when we started using JANDI, Line and KakaoTalk did not have the comment feature. For us, collaboration has been more comfortable because you can comment on specific files and discuss JANDI. 

Another thing that I like about JANDI is that we can save our files to a cloud system. For smaller companies, it’s more difficult to manage files because we don’t have an ERP system, and it cost a lot to build that kind of system. At Hanmandoo, we upload bigger files like videos to NAS and share the link on JANDI. When we post messages on JANDI, people get notifications so anyone who is involved in the project and check the message right away, no matter where they are. 


  • Approval request topic

Sharing approval requests or expense reports has become easier because we can simply upload the image on a JANDI Topic. We don’t create a separate file to share. We simply print and take a photo to upload it to JANDI. Then the middle manager can take a look at those documents. So the entire approval and communication process has become faster.

<Simply upload document images in the Approval Request Topic>


  • Marketing Topic – confirm goods production

The camping season has come up, and we are producing gift sets and goods for those who love to go camping. These goods are sent to our customers as freebies. Below is how we share information on completed goods, quantity, and condition to our employees. 

<Newly produced goods are shared in the Marketing Topic>

 <Click to learn more about Hanmandoo Camping Event> 


  • Marketing Topic – Advertisement wording confirmation

Before we send out advertisement texts to our clients, we confirm everything in our Marketing Topic. We share the image and text in the topic, then @mentions whoever is in charge of feedback. 

<Sharing SMS advertisement on the Marketing Topic>


We customize JANDI for our organization’s needs

Because collaboration is standard among every department, we create Topics for each department’s projects and tasks. This way, we can share files just for the people who need to see them. That’s why we like the folder feature so much. 

Since we are participating in numerous topics, an organized work environment is essential. Although we are joining many Topics, folders help us to organize them. When a new member joins Hanmandoo, we set up the Topics and Folders for them so we can all be in tune. 

<Department and Project Topics organized by folders> 


We recommend JANDI

Use JANDI to manage company data

JANDI enables our members to share data conveniently. Also, it helps us to manage all of our files. I recommend JANDI to any group that needs an easier way to communicate between departments.


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